About us

A4&T is a social enterprise that builds, owns and supplies 24 hours electricity to homes and businesses across West Africa. Technology, innovation, efficient service delivery are at the heart of our services.

Solar For Rural Communities
We provide off grid electricity to millions of rural villages in Nigeria and West Africa. To increase security and enable good life

Solar For MSME
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) rely on fossil fuel (diesel and/or petrol) generators to run businesses in Nigeria resulting in up to 40% of the operating expenses (OPEX) leading to many business closing down which leads to unemployment and poverty. A4&T has come to the rescue. MSMEs now rely on our Solar for MSMEs to run successful businesses.

Solar For Homes
With A4&T Solar technology, the upfront cost barrier of going solar is removed, with a means of installment payments .Nigerians can now enjoy uninterrupted electricity at home. With A4&T Solar, NEPA won’t take light again.
“At A4&T, great milestones are recorded everyday”
Our Solar Solutions

Our Target Market
At A4&T our services are tailored to meet the need of the bottom of the pyramid rural poor, MSMEs struggling to run sustainable business due to high cost of generating power, and individual homes that need uninterrupted power to be able to live happily in Nigeria.

• Rural Communities
• Homes

A4&T Solar Charge package is designed for people who already have inverters but still rely on alternative means of charging up their batteries such as local utility (PHCN) or a Generator. With this package, Customers can now have solar powering their existing inverters…
A4&T target Northern Nigeria communities in 2016 to help them achieve peaceful life with maximum security, because where there is light, there is hope, and where is there is peace there is peace.

Among the community targeted in Northern part of Nigeria are kwara state like (Offa, Omuaran , Jebba, Erinle, Ilemona, Saidu Village),Kaduna state( Kanfancha, Kagoma ) Niger (Mokwa, Zungeru, Bida) Gombe state ( Biliri, Katungo) Plateau state ( Barkin Ladi, Bukuru, Katungo) and Osun States. Each home will have sufficient solar energy to meet the basic energy needs of the average rural family. Further, the initiative will provide a commercially sound model for delivering power to rural homes in Nigeria at affordable rates and produce long-term alternatives to the problematic national grid and also these will reduce cost of fuel and maintenance.